I’m having some issues with the outdated (deprecated) command ‘finite’ that needs to be replaced in vers.7.10 and up with ‘isfinite’.  Normally I’m directed to the specific line where the problem sits, but not this time.  I’m given this, several times:


Warning: The fourth output, VERSN, of FILEPARTS will be removed in a future


> In fileparts at 35

  In spm_orthviews>reset_st at 1323

  In spm_orthviews>my_reset at 622

  In spm_orthviews at 308

  In spm_normalise_disp at 61

  In spm_normalise at 207

  In spm_config_norm>estwrite at 491

  In spm_jobman>run_struct1 at 1474

  In spm_jobman>run_struct1 at 1482

  In spm_jobman>run_struct1 at 1482

  In spm_jobman>run_struct1 at 1482

  In spm_jobman>run_struct at 1436


Before finally, the error message reads:

Error running job:

Undefined function or method 'finite' for input arguments of type 'double'.


Really not sure where the problem lies; has anyone had this issue before?  If someone from SPM could send me a list of .m files tapped into by the “Normalize:Estimate and Write” process, I can probably fix the problem myself.  Thanks very much.





James A. Ellis

Data Analyst, Paradigm Development

Pediatric Brain Research And InterventioN Center

Department of Psychiatry

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Chicago Illinois 60608

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