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Normal domestic chest freezers run at -18 but for pest de-infestation,
you need to leave your things in for 14 days at this temperature.  When
we replaced our chest freezer, we went for one that is intended for
scientific sample storage.  It actually seems to run at -40, but we
needed a particular size to fit insect drawers in flat.  For pest de-in
festation, -30 requires only 72 hours so much quicker turn around. 


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Subject: freezing temperatures?

we need to buy a new chest freezer to keep our fresh new creatures and
for de-pesting our existing specimens and new aquisitions. Our old one
was a standard temperature -18/-22c - is this still the recommended
temperatures for these purposes? Any advice would be most appreciated. 
Thank you.

best wishes and Happy Xmas!


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