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Cecilia, the first printed edition of the Roman Missal (1474) was edited by
Robert Lippe in 2 vols. (Text, 1899, Collation with other editions, 1907)
and is available on the web here:

If you're chasing resonances and all you want is "a generally reliable
indication" of the Roman Mass tradition before Trent, this may be a good
place to start, but, as you know, there were textual variations over time
and place. The Lippe ed. gives the references for the biblical readings but
not for other (usually biblical) texts such as introits, etc.

Henry Bradshaw Society volumes are available as print-on-demand:
    v. 1:
    v. 2:

There are others on the list much more expert, but I hope this is helpful.
-- Paul Chandler

On 2 December 2010 09:15, Cecilia Gaposchkin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> medieval-religion: Scholarly discussions of medieval religion and culture
> Dear Megan and others, Thank you for your responses. I'm trying to track
> references/resonances to prayers for taking the cross that are written in
> the 12th and 13th century. I'm so used to dealing with individual
> manuscripts for individual places that the idea of a "printed source" is
> somewhat strange to me, but I imagine there was some sort of, if not
> standaradization,  representative of some sort of received textual tradition
> that was fairly widely in use, if in various forms.  The LaTrobe music
> website is extremely useful, and gives me *a* text, and I was just wondering
> if this was *the* text. LeTongeran traces the early roots of the (Roman)
> Mass set  to the seventh and eighth centuries, and these texts in some form
> or another appear all over the place (in the Sacramentaries, in the RGP, and
> so forth), but I'm looking for somethign that represents the later form.
> So, the Missale Romanum - yes. But what? And I guess this is my question.
> The Missale Romanum that comes up in my library search appear of all dates -
> and I guess my question would have been more precise if I'd asked it this
> way: Where to medievalists go if they want a generally reliable indication
> of what the Roman mass tradition (specifically) was for a particular feast.
> In the same time-saving way that we all go to the DouayRheims Bible to get a
> quick read on the Vulgate Bible, can one go to the 1964 printing of the
> Missale Romanum and expect some relationship to the medieval text, or, if
> not, is there an edition of the Medieval MIssale Romanum that is standard
> and I don't know about? (I know about Dijk, anyhow).
> This is a question revealing all levels of ignorance, I fear, but I hope
> the list will forgive me.
> At least, the Missale Romanum of 1672 is available through EEOB. Its a
> start.
> Thanks for any more thoughts, and for all patience in getting this far.
> cecilia
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