While I find Harris's preening narcissism annoying, and have said so on this list, I've struck to facts: things he's said here and done.  He now adds flat out lies to his repertoire.

Harris is deluded to assume he knows my analysis of SHOWGIRLS, since I have never published anything on the film.  I defy him to prove this wrong.

I want a public apology from him for this fevered making-things-up (though I'm not going to hold my breath on this).

Furthermore, his assumption that everyone hates SHOWGIRLS just doesn't hold up:

Spring 2003, Vol. 56, No. 3, Pages 32–46
Posted online on December 2, 2003.

Round Table: Showgirls

Akira Mizuta LippitNoël BurchChon NoriegaAra OsterweilLinda Williams,Eric ShaeferJeffrey Sconce

As recently as December, 2002, the New York Times' Elvis Mitchell referred to the "wreckage" ofShowgirls (1995). Yet the Film Quarterly editorial board had just been galvanized by a discussion of the same film. Apparently there exists a number of secret and not-so-secret devotees of the film.Showgirls has, perhaps unexpectedly, served to stimulate scholarly thought around issues of camp, satire, class, gender, the fallen woman, showgirl musicals, trash cinema, sexploitation films, hedonistic criticism, and reading and teaching the film. Noël Burch, Akira Mizuta Lippit, Chon Noriega, Ara Osterweil, Eric Schaefer, Jeffrey Sconce, and Linda Williams have contributed to this discussion of the film. Perhaps Showgirls can still be rescued from the wreckage?

That's a pretty impressive list of film academics, by anyone's standard

Date:    Thu, 23 Dec 2010 23:32:14 -0500
From:    bill harris <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: EJMD's request for Showgirls article


A decade ago I wrote an article entitled "Is Liz Berkley The Body without Organs"?

Notice how Harris avoids actually giving a citation for this "article"...where did it appear? Doesn't come up on a google search....hmmm.  More imaginary stuff?

I was motivated to do so by the noxiously conformist gang-rape attitude of Amerikan film criticism
towards both the film and Ms Berkley.

Now I might mention that only those deprived of vision--such as Mr Kleinhaus

[sic, can't even get my name right]

-- personally attack 21-year old women in their first film role. OTH I, being of the elitist preening genre, choose to defend the minoritarian  and the un-accepted as evocative of a marginalist event.

Chuck Kleinhans

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