Dear All

Did you hear the Today item this morning about the Sun and Harper Collins
getting together to cover the royal engagement? Remarkably celebratory and
totally uncritical (and the alarming bit about the link between the X Factor
and the Sun was passed over entirely without comment). Here was the perfect
opportunity to discuss the issue of cross-promotion within the Murdoch
empire, and also the links which Murdoch already has with terrestrial television -
and it was totally thrown away. So while the Murdoch press daily criticises the
BBC, the BBC's own flagship radio news programme drools uncritically over how clever
and entrepreneurial Murdoch is. But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of
the item was that the Sun journalist who is 'authoring' the 'book' was boasting about
writing 4000 words in 48 hours!! Still, I suppose that, given the length of the
'stories' he normally writes, this probably is something of a feat.

All the best, Julian.

Brunel University

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