Transnational Cinemas 1.2 Transnational Cinemas 1.2

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of the second issue of Transnational Cinemas.

Articles in this issue continue the discussions in the inaugural issue around the question of what transnationalism really means. The question is explored in the context of the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and by examining the idea of the ‘postcolonial exotic’ in the New Zealand film,  Apron Strings, directed by a Samoan/New Zealand director and written by an Indian scriptwriter, which explores relationships between descendents of British and Indian settlers in New Zealand. Other articles analyse the relationship between the regional, national and global scales in feature film production in three UK regions – Northern Ireland, Scotland and South West England, and explore transnationalism in Almodóvar’s All About my Mother. Finally, the issue includes a report on the Transnational Cinemas symposium at University of Portsmouth in February 2010 together with book reviews.

What is transnational cinema? Thinking from the Chinese situation
Authors: Chris Berry
Page Start: 111
New Zealand cinema and the postcolonial exotic: the case of Apron Strings
Authors: Jo Smith
Page Start: 129
Connecting the regional and the global in the UK film industry
Authors: Nick Redfern
Page Start: 145
From national to transnational in Pedro Almodóvar's All About My Mother
Authors: Linda Craig
Page Start: 161
Transnational Cinemas Symposium report
Authors: Craig Fleming
Page Start: 175
Authors: Tijana Mamula and Omar Kholeif and Felicia Chan and Rowena Santos Aquino and Christopher Meir
Page Start: 181

Principal Editors:  Armida de la Garza, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China;  Deborah Shaw, Portsmouth University, UK

Co-editors:  Ruth Doughty, Portsmouth University, UK; Claudia Magallanes-Blanco, Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Mexico

Reviews Editor: Patti Gaal-Holmes, Portsmouth University, UK

ISSN: 20403526| Online ISSN: 20403534 | 2010, Volume 1, 2 issues per year
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