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Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media
Issue 4: War, Conflict and Commemoration in the Age of Digital Reproduction
guest-edited by Adi Kuntsman (University of Manchester).

This issue of Digital Icons explores the ways in which wars and 
conflicts are mediated, commemorated, reported and discussed on the 
Internet as well as in other forms of new media, including mobile 
phones, digital broadcasting and computer games. The issue examines the 
role of new media in understanding, representing, negotiating and 
remembering (or forgetting) war and terror; the status of testimony, 
evidence and reportage in the age of digital reproduction; practices of 
memory in relation to new information and communication technologies; 
and structures of feeling that operate in on-line reports and debates 
around military operations and human suffering.

4.0 Editorial | Vlad Strukov
4.1 Online Memories, Digital Conflicts and the Cybertouch of War | Adi 
4.2 The Commemoration of Nazi 'Children's Euthanasia' Online and On Site 
| Lutz Kaelber
4.3 World War 2.0: Commemorating War and Holocaust in Poland Through 
Facebook | Dieter De Bruyn
4.4 Past Wars in the Russian Blogosphere: On the Emergence of 
Cosmopolitan Memory | Elena Trubina
4.5 Deadly Game along the Wistula: East European Imagery in Oshii's 
'Avalon' (2001) | Gérard Kraus
4.6 Oshii's 'Avalon' (2001) and Military-Entertainment Technoculture | 
Patrick Crogan
4.7 'The Weight of Meaninglessness' | Naida Zukic'
4.8 'Roma Snapshots: A Day in Sarajevo' | Vanja C(elebic(ic'
4.9 The Portrayal of Russian Hackers During Cyber Conflict Incidents | 
Athina Karatzogianni
4.10 A Study on a Russian-American Non-Reflexive Discourse | Olga Baysha
4.11 Web Wars: Digital Diasporas and the Language of Memory | Ellen Rutten
4.12 Book Reviews

The full issue is available online on
For more information, please visit the website or write to the editors: 
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Digital Icons Editor: Vlad Strukov (London)
Digital Icons Editorial Team: Sudha Rajagopalan (Utrecht), Robert 
Saunders (New York) and Henrike Schmidt (Berlin).
Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New 
Media (Digital Icons) is an online publication that appears twice per 
year. The journal is a multi-media platform that explores new media as a 
variety of information flows, varied communication systems, and 
networked communities. Contributions to Digital Icons cover a broad 
range of topics related to the impact of digital and electronic 
technologies on politics, economics, society, culture, and the arts in 
Russia, Eurasia, and Central Europe. Digital Icons publishes articles 
from scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds, as well as 
artists' contributions, interviews, comments, reviews of books, digital 
films, animation, and computer games, and relevant cultural and academic 
events, as well as any other forms of discussion of new media in the region.

Dr. Adi Kuntsman
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures
The University of Manchester
Second Floor, Arthur Lewis Building, room 2.007
Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK

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