On 12/10/10 10:09, J Coles wrote:
> Dear All
> The link for today's agenda is 
> In addition to the usual standing items on problems/issues/meetings, 
> it would be useful to devote time to understanding the current 
> situation with CREAM deployment and site plans for having at least one 
> CREAM CE available. We also need to understand expected timescales for 
> the move to the new accounting package (activeMQ replaces RGMA in the 
> not to distant future) and what experience we now have in the UK with 
> ARGUS. There will also be a brief update on the top-level BDII 
> deployment changes coming via WLCG.
> Time permitting, in the final part of the meeting we will look at the 
> Q32010 Tier-2 quarterly reports for any items of common concern.
> For minutes: Jens -> Mingchao -> Graeme -> Derek -> Wahid.
> Regards,
> Jeremy
Hi Jeremy,

Sorry but no  sound available where I am at the moment.

Short report for Brunel...

LHCB: I have a small set of worker nodes in each CE that run with Sack 
disabled. I cannot disable sack in all worker nodes. I have torque set 
up to send LHCB jobs preferably to the worker nodes with SACK disabled.

CMS: We might have some issue with the checksum of a set of files. I am 
checking that now.

CREAMCE: Coming alive in November. Same for Argus

Thanks, raul