The London Screen Heritage Programme is investing funds from the BFI and UK Film Council’s Screen Heritage UK programme in preserving and making accessible London’s rich archival film holdings. One project in the programme involves digitising a large volume of regionally significant material, and LSHP has therefore negotiated an excellent rate with the East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA), owned and operated by the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich. For a fixed rate, EAFA is prepared to offer the following services:

•	Inspection, re-canning where necessary, basic cleaning and splicing
•	High quality telecine (scanning of film to transfer it to digital form)
•	Creation of 2 DVD copies
•	Creation of digital files for collections’ use in access contexts, eg online
•	Creation and secure storage of back-up master digital files in the University of East Anglia’s Data Archive and File Transcoding System for five years, under full copyright control of the source archive.

The London Screen Heritage Programme is able to extend this rate to all not-for-profit organisations within the London’s Screen Archives network. For more information and to express an interest in taking advantage of this opportunity, please email Chris Jones at [log in to unmask]

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