May I take advantage of the list to sound out colleagues about a
proposal that has been put to me.

The records of Devon Quarter Sessions include a series of maimed
soldiers' petitions for annuities, 1660-1695 (mostly relating to Civil
War injuries).  I had always naively assumed that these could be found
in all QS collections, but this appears not to be the case.  However, a
quick search of A2A suggests that there are collections of petitions and
related papers in Buckinghamshire, Cheshire, Denbighshire, Derbyshire,
Essex, Gloucestershire, Gwynedd, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent,
Lancashire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Wiltshire, and
Worcestershire, and a group at the National Library of Wales.  There are
probably others lurking among QS rolls which A2A doesn't pick up.

These papers are of obvious interest to students of the English Civil
War and its aftermath, and a colleague in the HE sector has asked me
whether a national project to digitize them would be likely to receive
support from local record offices.  The plan would be to seek funding
from, for example, the AHRC and recruit a team to tour the country and
produce digital images.  The cost to local offices would therefore be
negligible or non-existent, though some arrangements would need to be
made to accommodate portable scanning equipment for a limited period.

So that I can give some meaningful feedback, it would be very useful to
know from colleagues
(a) whether there are collections of these records which are not on A2A
or otherwise generally known about, and
(b) whether in principle you would be happy for some people with a
digital camera to come and make copies of them.

Thanks and best wishes,

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