Dear All,

Thank you to everyone who replied to my email last week asking for recommendations for a good A3 scanner for scanning both photographs and papers. 

I had 6 replies from a variety of institutions and of these 4 recommended the Epson Expression 10000XL with comments such as 'very good but not cheap', 'very good results',  'one thing to look out for is optical resolution' and '2400x4800 dpi is pretty good' and 'we did a good search on the UK and US digitisation forums etc and it was the one that seemed to come out on top. The only minus side is that you cannot scan slides, film etc'. But 'if you get the transparency lid it makes good scans of negatives and positives' although using an A4 scanner for scanning negatives could be a cheaper option than buying the transparency lid.

The other recommendation was for Epson-GT-2000 and lastly a Canon iR3570 (although this is more relevant to larger scale digitisation of paper records in a records management context rather than being a graphics scanner for photographs.

I hope this summary is useful to anyone else currently looking into getting an A3 scanner. Thank you to everyone who replied to my enquiry.

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