This is just a short reminder about the Funny Stats Competition that the Queensland Branch of the SSAI are running.  The deadline for entries has been changed to the 20th of November, and note that we will accept anonymous entries.

What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you during your statistical career? Or the funniest thing that a student or colleague has said to you? The Queensland Branch of the Statistical Society of Australia is gathering funny statistical stories for their Christmas party. The best story, as voted by our members on the night of the party, will win a 200 dollar (AUD) Amazon voucher. We will post the funniest entries on our web site:

There's no geographical limit, so please write in from anywhere. Anonymous entries are welcome, but contact details must at least be provided to be awarded the prize. Any format is acceptable, so it could be a picture, a recording of you regaling your story, anything at all. Send your stories/pictures/recordings to Adrian: [log in to unmask]

Here are some examples:
- POSTGRADUATE STATS STUDENT: "I've opened the dataset for the first assignment, but it's just numbers."
- REVIEW FROM THE AJE: "I'm no expert in Baynesian statistics."
- At a Valencia meeting a friend stuck a sticker on David Spiegelhalter's back that read: "I'M A FREQUENTIST"


Helen Johnson
Queensland Branch
Statistical Society of Australia
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