The Glasgow Initiative For Trial Evaluation and Research (GIFTED) is
pleased to announce two events at the end of October.

28 October 2010 The second annual GIFTED symposium on clinical trials. 
The speakers will be:
Mike Krams, Kate McArthur & Jesse Dawson, Alan Philips,  Cindy
Billingham, Chris Cates,  Vladimir Anisimov, Neil Hawkins and Alison
Topics will range from design of trials (including adaptive designs and
designs for rare diseases) to applying trials results in practice, from
missing data to predicting trial recruitment and from pharmacokinetics
to pharmacoeconomics.
Details of the programme and of how to register are here

29 October 2010 a one day course on clinical trials
Lecturers Stephen Senn, Ian Ford and Andy Briggs

Details of the course and of how to register are here


Both events are taking place at the The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow


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