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26th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, IWSM2011  
The International Workshop on Statistical Modelling will celebrate 
its 26th in València from 11-15th July 2011. More information in     
 Invited Speakers:
  Jim Berger, Duke University, USA 
  David Firth,  University of Warwick, UK 
  Guadalupe Gómez-Melis, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
  Peter Green, University of Bristol,   UK 
  Bent Jørgensen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark  
 Short Course, 10 July 2011: 
 Havard Rue, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway 

Carmen Armero

Departament d'Estadística i I.O.
Universitat de València
GEeitema Research Group,

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