Hi Taline,


I suspect  its not exactly what you are looking for but you might be interested in a presentation I gave at our ‘Building Bridges’ conference in Newcastle in 2009.  Its entitled ‘Towards a common framework for measuring benefits’ and explores the potential for applying LEAN principles to records management – both in terms of how RM can contribute to improving processes and reducing waste, but also asking how LEAN RM itself may or may not be.. 


The presentation is available from http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/events/buildingbridges/presentations (its the last on the list).  Unfortunately its just the slides as I tend to make the actual presentation up on the hoof but might just give you an idea of what I was trying to say.


My interest in LEAN and RM stemmed from research into ways of empirically measuring the impact of RM whilst developing our Impact Calculator.  Though this tool isn’t itself a tool to help you achieve LEAN processes, the fact that it takes a process-centric approach to benefits measurement and allows you to isolate the contribution that improved RM has made to process improvement certainly means that it is in keeping with the overall LEAN aims and objectives.


Hope you find this of use.


Best wishes




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Hi Everyone,

(apologies for cross posting)

I would be interested in hearing  from anyone who has integrated LEAN methodology with their Records and Information Management (RIM) program or has used RIM to support organisational Lean initiatives. 

What were your key activities and messages?  which aspects of each  did you integrate ?  What would you do differently  if you had to do it again?

Thanks in advance


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