Princess Dashkova Russian Centre at the University of Edinburgh
a one day international postgraduate conference "Negotiationg Ideology"

Friday 15th October, 2010

The Princess Dashkova Russian Centre, 14 
Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh

Programme, 15th October, 2010

Registration, coffee and welcome

09.10-11.00 	Panel: Ideology and literature

Jekaterina Shulga, University College, London: 
The Nature of Testimony: Remembering Trauma in Vasily Grossman's
Everything Flows

Margarita Vaysman, University of Oxford:
Ideology and Narrative Patterns in the Works of Nikolay Chernyshevsky
and William Godwin

Ivana Perusko, University of Zagreb:
Ideology and Persecution. Literary Cases of Mihail Bulgakhov and Maksim

Dmitry Shatalov, University of Oxford:
The Ideological Genesis of Russian Conceptual Metaphors for Translation

11.30-13.00 	Panel: Ideology and the People

Jonathan Waterlow, University of Oxford: 
Whose (Party) Line is it anyway? Ideology and the Soviet Population of
the 1930s

Normal Prell, University of Aberdeen: 
The Workings of Ideology between Empire and Nation State in the 19th
Century Russia and their Impact on the Emergence of Russian Ethnography

Michael Kogan, University of Toronto: 
Performing Soviet Democracy: Ideology and the Elections of Soviet Judges
during Late Stalinism

14.00-15.30 	Panel: Ideology in the post-Soviet Space

Tatiana Gladkikh, University of Birmingham: 
Is Globalisation a New Ideology? The Role of the Global Business
Environment in Shaping the Identities of Russian Business People

Catherine Owen, University of Exeter:
Democracy: Method and Meaning in Contemporary Russia

Eleanor Bindman, University of Glasgow:
Rejecting, Accepting or Re-interpreting "European" Values? The Russian
Political Response to the EU's Policy on Human Rights in Russia.

15.50-16.50 	Panel: Ideology Abroad
Ammon Cheskin, University of Glasgow: 
The Uses and Abuses of the "Russian Diaspora": Russian Foreign Policy
and the Baltic States' Domestic Policies in Context

Tatjana Fenicia, University of Trier: 
"In Russia we have been Germans, in Germany we are Russians" The
Situation of Russian Migrants in Germany

16.50-17.30 	Introduction to and keynote address by Doctor Iain
Lauchlan, Lecturer in European History

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Russian in Context, Princess Dashkova Russian Centre,
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