Focaal, Issue 57

Volume 2010, Issue 57

Special Section: Beyond reconciliation: Social reconstruction after the
Bosnian war. Edited by Marita Eastmond and Anders H. Stefansson

Introduction: Reconciliation, reconstruction, and everyday life in
war-torn societies
pp. 3-16(14)
Author: Eastmond, Marita

The gender of coffee: Women and reconciliation initiatives in post-war
Bosnia and Herzegovina
pp. 17-32(16)
Author: Helms, Elissa

Of wolves and men: Postwar reconciliation and the gender of
inter-national encounters
pp. 33-49(17)
Author: Jansen, Stef

Perpetrators and victims: Local responses to the International Criminal
Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
pp. 50-61(12)
Author: Mannergren Selimovic, Johanna

Coffee after cleansing? Co-existence, co-operation, and communication in
post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina
pp. 62-76(15)
Author: Stefansson, Anders H.


Classifying the "ideal migrant worker": Mexican and Jamaican
transnational farmworkers in Canada
pp. 79-94(16)
Author: McLaughlin, Janet


New lamps for old? Why Veblen beats the Nobel Laureates
pp. 97-103(7)
Author: Hart, Keith

Ostrom, the commons, and the anthropology of "earthlings" and their
pp. 104-108(5)
Author: Rabinowitz, Dan

Review Article

Subverting the military normal
pp. 109-114(6)
Author: Schober, Elisabeth

Another commons is possible
pp. 115-120(6)
Author: Junge, Benjamin