apologies in advance if this message is deemed too far off-topic.

i'm a practitioner of 'new media' in several forms (examples at i've been lurking on this discussion list for some months now; i find the discussions interesting, and the monthly set theme and invited contributors are a fantastic format for discussion. however, i have found that the content of the discussions can be quite heavy theory-wise, and it is sometimes difficult to relate it to my day-to-day practise as an artist.

with that in mind, i was wondering if anyone could suggest an alternative discussion forum with a more practical edge? ideally, a practise-based discussion space where theory is also discussed (including regulator contributions by curators and/or theorists), but where the theory does not overwhelm the practise. to pre-empt a number of possible suggestions, i have been a member and sometime-contributor to spectre, fibreculture, nettime, microsound, and rhizome for some years; however all of these lists seem more focussed on '' and related fields, and less on the kind of work which i am doing (more sculptural/physical pieces). 

any advice much appreciated!
thanks in advance,

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