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> From: nina czegledy <[log in to unmask]>
> Date: 6 August 2010 14:10:55 BST
> To: Beryl Graham <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: upcoming events developed etc. by Nina Cz

> It is a pleasure to invite you to the
> ISEA2010 Education Workshop
>  August 26, 2010
> Volkschule Dortmund
>  13:00-14.30   15:00-16.30 
>  The future of education?  Novel incentives, emerging trends & hybrid  
> practice.
>  Introduction by Roy Ascott (uk)
>  Coordinated by Nina Czegledy (ca/hu)
> In the ISEA2010 Education Workshop the identification and discussion  
> of specific key educational issues initiates the open exchange between  
> educational experts and workshop participants. Roy Ascott's  
> introduction on pioneering platforms for PhD studies forms the base  
> for the exchange. The contribution by educational experts is focused  
> on learning methods and accreditation, including PhD studies and novel  
> incentives leading to hybrid learning and interdisciplinary practice.
> In recent years more and more academic institutions require lecturers  
> with advanced degrees; yet obtaining these qualifications remains a  
> problem in several countries of continental Europe - leading to fierce  
> debates on educational circumstances. What is our role in this  
> environment and how do we proceed? Roy Ascott's Planetary Collegium  
> initiative is a remarkable example of a pioneering international  
> platform for PhD studies. His introduction to the ISEA2010 Education  
> Workshop forms the base of the discussion on the complexity of these  
> issues. These complexities include numerous significant items  
> including packaged e-learning, various business models and social  
> technologies for higher education etc., Within the scope of this  
> workshop however the discussion is focused predominantly on various  
> aspects of PhD studies and hybrid learning.
> To unpack the monopoly of higher educational methods by academia,  
> hybrid learning is also investigated in the ISEA2010 Education  
> Workshop. A palpable tension exists between academic and hands-on  
> education, yet from Bogotá to Budapest an increasing number of  
> professionals are deeply involved in the convergence of networked  
> communication, arts& science & technology projects, environmental  
> issues and urban space. The explosion of this new ecology has not been  
> pre-planned; it is mainly due to a tremendous interest by the emerging  
> generation, whose daily reality has profoundly changed and is often in  
> conflict with certain rigid educational concepts.
>  Workshop Leaders/Discussants:
>  Peter F. Stephan (de) Bernd Robben (de) Bettina Schuelke (au/fi)
>  Dieter Daniels (de) Attila Nemes (hu) and Barnabas Malnay (hu)
> dortmund/p34-isea2010-education-workshop

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