Hi CRUMB list

Our apologies for the notices and announcements on the list of late.

As you know, with our smaller team at the moment Beryl and I are  
changing the discussion months on the list, so the next CRUMB  
organised themes will be:
OCT/Nov 2010 (curating online / using online materials...)
then FEB/Mar 2011 (a collaboration with Ele Carpenter from  
Goldsmith's MA Curating course...)
and MAY/June 2011

please do email us with requests to 'guest host' themes that you are  
particularly interested in for the other active months of the year,  
starting with
September 2010
December 2010
January 2011
April 2011
feel free to just start a thread!

Meantime, as it is summer holidays, why not share your latest  
favourite book reviews?

I've really been enjoying reading Cautionary Tales: Critical  
Curating, edited by Steven Rand and Heather Kouris and published by  
Apex Art. The contributions, from the likes of David Levi Strauss and  
Kate Fowle are all eminently sensible and useful to aspiring  
curators. I can't believe it's been out since 2007 and only just got  
to the top of my to-read pile!

I'm also planning on heaving the summer issue of ArtForum with me to  
the beach, to read all the 'Museum Revisited' articles. I noticed  
that Hans Ulrich Obrist cites Lyotard's exhibition Les Immateriaux as  
an example of 'exhibition as database'.

happy travels,