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On 08/08/2010 9:12 AM, T Morgan wrote:
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> I'm currently at an event we don't talk about on this list and have had a chance to shop for pilgrim's badges.
Bonjour, illustrati!

A number of years ago -- five, I think, but at my age one cannot be so 
certain -- my wife and I went to Canterbury, in search of spiritual 
solace (and fine Kentish ale).

We found both in great abundance, and we both recommend such a 
'pilgrimage' to all who ask, especially to those who think they may have 
a vocation (so they may ponder what such a vocation cost St. Thomas).

But I digress.

At that time, the cathedral shop, located within the close but upon a 
well travelled street, offered pilgrimage badges in the form of shells 
with a cross engraved thereupon.

Of course, this, as I understand it, is the traditional badge of a 
pilgrimage to St./ /Iago.  However, being Lutheran, I am not so precise 
concerning what badge I receive in connection with which pilgrimage I 
have made.

Now that I am not only retired but also tired, I find that badge of 
great utility.

Lutheran tradition demands that the bishop loci be the only pastor who 
wears a crucifix.  Far. far be it from me to defy 450 years of tradition.

So, when I am called out of retirement to preach for a pastor taking a 
(much needed) break, I wear my badge.  I find it to be a wonderful 
thing.  It promotes a great deal of discussion among those who notice it 
concerning its meaning and the significance of a pilgrimage.

As you may have by now surmised, I am thoroughly in favour of 
pilgrimages, pilgrimage badges, tokens, or whatever, and wish those who 
are members of this list to do all within their capabilities to promote 
them, especially for poor retired clergy and their wives who seek them 
(and good ale).

May I add my hearty thanks to all those who have already supported this 

A mere student,
Frank / /

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