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Jim, I think the whole thing is pure luck. At Villa Farnesina I took pictures right in front of the guards. At the Accademia in Venice I managed to sneak one photo (but not of the piece of coral on Jesus' chest of recent query on my part). They were ferocious at the Ac. BTW the guards at V.F. were male; at the Ac. they were women. At Palazzo Reale in Genova I begged the office and even offered to pay whatever for interior shots. IMHO the "Hall of Mirrors" there rivals Versailles. No way! I've looked into "spy cameras" disguised as pens but they're all video and cost a fortune. Places that are privately owned with relatively few visitors are impossible! At risk of being stoned by feminists, I think male guards MAY be more lenient with women, but female guards breathe fire.

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