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Subject: Journal of Maps: Double issue

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Subject:        Journal of Maps: Double issue
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Subject: Journal of Maps: Double issue

The Journal of Maps ( is pleased to
the publication of a double-issue. The first is a special issue entitled
"National Social Maps", edited by Dr Dan Vickers, University of
The second is our regular "scheduled" August issue comprised of a range

Vickers, D. (2010) Editorial: National Social Maps, v2010, 319-320.

Campbell, M.H. (2010) Fair and Square? Social and Spatial Inequalities
Northern Ireland, 2001, v2010, 321-329. 10.4113/jom.2009.

Slingsby, A., Dykes, J. and Wood, J. (2010) Rectangular Hierarchical
Cartograms for Socio-Economic Data, v2010, 330-345.

Orford, S. and Jones, S. (2010) Mapping Welsh neighbourhood types
using attitudinal data from the national Living in Wales survey, v2010,
346-353. 10.4113/jom.2010.1096.

Wohland, P. and Rees, P. (2010) Life Expectancy Variation across
Local Areas by Ethnic Group in 2001, v2010, 354-359.

Duke-Williams, O. (2010) Mapping the geodemographic classifications of
migrants' origins and destinations, v2010, 360-369.

Walford N. (2010) An analysis of the changing dependency ratios for
areas in 1981, 1991 and 2001: a Norfolk case study, v2010, 370-381.

Gorman-Murray, A., Brennan-Horley, C., McLean, K., Waitt, G. and Gibson,
(2010) Mapping same-sex couple family households in Australia, v2010,
382-392. 10.4113/jom.2010.1094.

Kalogirou, S. (2010) Spatial inequalities in income and post-graduate
educational attainment in Greece, v2010, 393-400. 10.4113/jom.2010.1095.

Cheshire, J.A., Longley, P.A. and Singleton, A.D. (2010) The Surname
of Great Britain, v2010, 401-409. 10.4113/jom.2010.1103.

Lafreniere, D. and Rivet, D. (2010) Rescaling the Past through Mosaic
Historical Cartography, v2010, 417-422. 10.4113/jom.2010.1120.

Aucelli, P.P.C., Robustelli, G., Rosskopf, C.M., Scarciglia, F., Di
G. and Luca, F. (2010) Geomorphological Map of the Area Between
and Trivento, v2010, 423-434. 10.4113/jom.2010.1039.

Magliulo, P. (2010) Soil erosion susceptibility maps of the Janare
Basin (Southern Italy), v2010, 435-447. 10.4113/jom.2010.1116.

Brewin, R.J.W., Lavender, S.J. and Hardman-Mountford, N.J. (2010)
size-specific phytoplankton primary production on a global scale, v2010,
448-462. 10.4113/jom.2010.1122.

Gasco, I. and Gattiglio, M. (2010) Geological map of the middle Orco
Western Italian Alps, v2010, 463-477. 10.4113/jom.2010.1121.

James, W.L. and Cossman, R.E. (2010) At-Risk Geographic Areas of Heart
Disease: Tracking Access to Prescription Medication and Mortality Rates,
v2010, 478-487. 10.4113/jom.2010.1130.

Vajjhala, S.P. and Walker, W.M. (2010) Roads to Participatory Planning:
Integrating Cognitive Mapping and GIS for Transport Prioritization in
Lesotho, v2010, 488-504. 10.4113/jom.2010.1086.

Rovere, A., Parravicini, V., Vacchi, M., Motefalcone, M., Morri, C.,
Bianchi, C.N. and Firpo, M (2010) Geo-environmental cartography of the
Marine Protected Area , v2010, 505-519. 10.4113/jom.2010.1137.

Lehmkuhl, F., Loibl, D. and Borchardt, H. (2010) Geomorphological map of
Wustebach (Nationalpark Eifel, Germany) - an example of human impact on
mid-European mountain areas, 520-530. 10.4113/jom.2010.1118.

Meikle, C., Stokes, M. and Maddy, M. (2010) Field mapping and GIS
visualisation of Quaternary river terrace landforms: an example from the
Almanzora, SE Spain, v2010, 531-542. 10.4113/jom.2010.1100.

Hughes, A.L.C., Clark, C.D. and Jordan, C.J. (2010) Subglacial bedforms
the last British Ice Sheet, v2010, 543-563. 10.4113/jom.2010.1111.
Dr Mike J Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Maps (
School of Geography, Geology and the Environment
Centre for Earth and Environmental Science Research
Kingston University London
Penrhyn Road, Kingston-upon-Thames
Surrey KT1 2EE