Hi - I'm guessing that you probably shouldn't have the backslashes in this command.

On 5 Aug 2010, at 21:05, Karuna Subra wrote:

Hi Dr. Beckmann,

I have been trying to run the dual regression script using fsl 4.1.5
by typing the command below:

dual_regression /data/vapsych4/fMRI/.gica/groupmelodic.ica/melodic_IC
1 /data/vapsych5/fMRI/glmdesign/Design.mat
/data/vapsych5/fMRI/glmdesign/Design.con 1 grot_test \'cat

I get the messages below:

creating common mask
doing the dual regressions
sorting maps and running randomise

However, when I look at my output, I don't get any images but see the
below files in the 'scripts+logs' directory:
command        drD.e29754.15  drD.e29754.34  drD.o29754.13  drD.o29754.32
drA            drD.e29754.16  drD.e29754.35  drD.o29754.14  drD.o29754.33
drA.e29110.1   drD.e29754.17  drD.e29754.36  drD.o29754.15  drD.o29754.34
drA.e29110.2   drD.e29754.18  drD.e29754.37  drD.o29754.16  drD.o29754.35
drA.o29110.1   drD.e29754.19  drD.e29754.38  drD.o29754.17  drD.o29754.36
drA.o29110.2   drD.e29754.2   drD.e29754.39  drD.o29754.18  drD.o29754.37
drB            drD.e29754.20  drD.e29754.4   drD.o29754.19  drD.o29754.38
drB.e29134     drD.e29754.21  drD.e29754.40  drD.o29754.2   drD.o29754.39
drB.o29134     drD.e29754.22  drD.e29754.41  drD.o29754.20  drD.o29754.4
drC            drD.e29754.23  drD.e29754.42  drD.o29754.21  drD.o29754.40
drC.e29233.1   drD.e29754.24  drD.e29754.43  drD.o29754.22  drD.o29754.41
drC.e29233.2   drD.e29754.25  drD.e29754.44  drD.o29754.23  drD.o29754.42
drC.o29233.1   drD.e29754.26  drD.e29754.5   drD.o29754.24  drD.o29754.43
drC.o29233.2   drD.e29754.27  drD.e29754.6   drD.o29754.25  drD.o29754.44
drD            drD.e29754.28  drD.e29754.7   drD.o29754.26  drD.o29754.5
drD.e29754.1   drD.e29754.29  drD.e29754.8   drD.o29754.27  drD.o29754.6
drD.e29754.10  drD.e29754.3   drD.e29754.9   drD.o29754.28  drD.o29754.7
drD.e29754.11  drD.e29754.30  drD.o29754.1   drD.o29754.29  drD.o29754.8
drD.e29754.12  drD.e29754.31  drD.o29754.10  drD.o29754.3   drD.o29754.9
drD.e29754.13  drD.e29754.32  drD.o29754.11  drD.o29754.30
drD.e29754.14  drD.e29754.33  drD.o29754.12  drD.o29754.31

I do not get any error messages either but at the same time I also
don't get any brain activation maps from my resting-state fMRI data
Please let me know if you have any idea as to what might have gone
wrong here.

Thank you!


Karuna Subra
San Francisco

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