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The July edition of the NRICH website is now live at

This month our problems and games model the process of scientific exploration and discovery.

When you first begin tackling a problem, you might make some observations which could lead to a tentative, incomplete theory or hypothesis. You might try something rather random to test your hypothesis, which you subsequently modify. Then you will become more systematic in your testing and your hypothesis will be reconstructed based on your new insight. At any time, the theory you have is the one that best fits the evidence you have gathered so far. This month's activities have been designed to give you the experience of this process.

You can submit your solutions to the problems using the 'Submit a Solution' tab at the top of each problem. Solutions to the July problems will appear in September.

You may have noticed that we have changed our menu at the top of all NRICH pages to include a link to the stemNRICH mathematical-science problems: You will find well over 150 problems, activities and articles, generally suitable for KS4 upwards, devoted to exploring the richness of the vital mathematical ideas underlying science, technology and engineering.

We have also been developing an innovative Core A-level Mathematics Workbook which generates random questions on C1-4 mathematics A-level topics. We plan to release this on our September site, but invite our newsletter subscribers to take an early look at the beta version If you have any comments please do let us know.

Well done to those of you who have finished your final school exams and will soon be moving on to university to study science, engineering or mathematics. Why not take a look at our Prepare for University page which gives fun problems and activities designed to give you a headstart? Alternatively, if you are in your final years at school it will help you better understand the sorts of thing involved in university science and maths courses.

With best wishes from the NRICH Team.

Charlie Gilderdale
Millennium Mathematics Project
University of Cambridge
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