On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 02:58:04PM +0200, Michele Placci wrote:
> Analyzing the structure of SIENA we found the following procedures:


> Can you tell us please:
> A. what they do,

A good strategy to figure out what is doing what is to simply run the
command without arguments. It often yields something like this:

michael@meiner ~/ % fslmerge
Usage: fslmerge <-x/y/z/t/a> <output> <file1 file2 .......>
     -t : concatenate images in time
     -x : concatenate images in the x direction
     -y : concatenate images in the y direction
     -z : concatenate images in the z direction
     -a : auto-choose: single slices -> volume, volumes -> 4D (time series)

If that doesn't do it -- google knows it for sure ;-)

> B. where we can find the source file,

FSL consists of about 180k lines of code, you can get all of them here:

> *C*. where we can find their documentation in order to understand the
> mathematical processes that regulate them?



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