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For the record: the only relic of Catherine of Siena that is visible in Venice's Santi Giovanni e Paolo is the one Marjorie photographed and kindly shared with us. The relic is indeed her right foot, brought to the community by one of her hagiographers, Tommaso Caffarini (who himself is buried in the same church, under the polyptych of Sts Vincent Ferrer, Christopher and Sebastian by Giovanni Bellini, in the south aisle).

John makes an interesting observation about the foot, notably that it may present us with 'a puncture that will have been one of her stigmata and that seems to have a trail of dried blood before it'. If any of you are aware of other observations that chime with John's, I would be interested to know of them. Catherine's hagiographers were at pains to say that Catherine asked Jesus to make her stigmata invisible, and that Jesus did so.

Best wishes to all, George

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On 27 Jun 2010, at 23:34, Marjorie Greene wrote:

Oh, goodness. What was I thinking? And where did I get "hand"? I'll be back in Venice in 2011 and will try to determine where - other than in my bird brain - I got "hand." It is indeed clearly a foot.
This MAY be an explanation... I find this sort of thing repulsive and I may have just glanced at the thing and saw what I took for a hand. Or it may have been intrusion of the hand - and it is the hand - of Francis Xavier (I think, correction sought) at the Gesł in Rome.
In any case, this is the only relic of C. of S. that I saw in Venice. I'll adjust the album description on the share site at once. Thanks for pointing out the error.

Marjorie Greene

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On Sunday, June 27, 2010, at 1:57 am, Marjorie Greene wrote:

> Additional images from Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice may be seen at:
> The hand of Catherine of Siena is also displayed in a reliquary there.

Thanks for the images, Marjorie.

Does SS. Giovanni e Paolo also have a _hand_ of  St. Catherine of Siena?  It's said to have one of her feet.  Your image here of a reliquary with a right foot:
following a shot of a placard naming C.:
presumably shows the relic in question (with a puncture that will have been one of her stigmata and that seems to have a trail of dried blood below it).

This Italian-language Wikipedia article says that SS. Giovanni e Paolo has C.'s _left_ foot (scroll down to "Le reliquie"): 
Proving once again how unreliable Wikipedia can be in what would seem to be a simple matter of observable fact?

Best (and eschewing comments about putting one's best foot forward),
John Dillon
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