Dear FSL-Team, dear Stephen,

we have read your paper about TFCE with great interest and we would like to make use of this cool technique.

As we do net (yet...) use FSL, but have a very well established MATLAB/SPM-pipeline, we would like to compare our old results with new TFCE-statistics.
We wonder wether it would be possible to combine TFCE (via fslmaths-command) with SPM, e.g. like this ...

a)       Pre-processing and the first-level-analyses have been performed in SPM

b)       the first-level SPM-t-images will be fed into the fsl/TFCE procedure

c)       the resulting TFCE images should be fed into second-level analysis in SPM


However, we do not really know if this strategy is adequate and it would be great if you, as the expert, can help us with the following points:


1)       Would you recommend to use the SPM t-images for the TFCE procedure or should we take z-images or something else?

2)    Do we have to feed the second-level-analysis with the TFCE-weighted images from the first-level or is TFCE applied afterwards on a second-level result image?

We know that you are getting plenty of these emails and your time is limited, however, maybe we will be lucky and get some brief helping comments.


All the best

Michael Plichta

Oliver Grimm



Department of Psychiatry

Division for Imaging in Psychiatry

Central Institute of Mental Health



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no - you need to add the waytotal, given that the fdt_path is the sum of the tracking forth and back in the symm mode.
spatial extent of the tract is NOT modified by the normalization but only by later thresholding. depending on your masks, the numbers can seem quite low.
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Betreff: Re: [FSL] corpus callosum waytotal

Hi Stam:

Thank you for your advice! I also thought of that, to use the sum for the normalization. But the waytotal number of the corpus callosum is big, if I add these two numbers and divide the fdt_path by the sum, I will have a very low probability for the entire tract. After using the threshold, I get very few fibres. Could I use the average of these two numbers, as it is the same tract going through the two seeds twice?


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Hi Yan,

you are right, you will get two waytotal numbers,  one per specified seed mask. I would add these numbers and use the sum for normalization.


On 30 Jun 2010, at 09:50, LiuYan wrote:

Hi FSL specialists:

Recently, we try to do the tractography for the corpus callosum. Two seed masks are defined either side of the midline in the sagittal images. In the tools box, we choose the multiple masks to get the tract. However, we have two waytotal numbers in the result, and we don't know which one to use for the normalization. Any one who has also worked on the corpus callosum could give us some advice? Many thanks in advance!



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