Re-thinking Post-slavery symposium.
2-3 July 2010, International Slavery Museum

Dear all,

On 2 and 3 July we will be holding our final event to close this year’s series of workshops on ‛re-thinking post-slavery’. In addition to presentations by our invited speakers, we aim to bring together and reflect on the insights into post-slavery that we have encountered throughout the year, and also to consider ways in which we might want to take this research forward. Our invited speakers will include Bruce Baker, Livio Sansone, Denis Regnier, Aldrin Castellucci and Catherine Clinton.

We will circulate further information about the speakers and the programme closer to the date. At this stage we want to invite those who would like to contribute to the symposium by presenting a paper, by commenting on existing research agendas, or by outlining suggestions for future research into post-slavery, to contact Dmitri van den Bersselaar ([log in to unmask] – please copy to Matthew Young: [log in to unmask]).

The symposium will take place at the International Slavery Museum. It will be free and open to all, including those who have not been able to make it to any of the earlier events in the series.

‛Re-thinking post-slavery’ is organised by the Centre for the Study of International Slavery (CSIS, a partnership between the University of Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool) and funded by the ESRC.

Best wishes,

Dmitri van den Bersselaar
Richard Benjamin

Dr Dmitri van den Bersselaar

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