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> Hi Guys,
> Thanks for your replies. In my case i think it is appropriate that I do
> alter the way the images are displayed. The images in SPM are actually
> coming out as radiological convention (left is right) and neurological
> convention in analyze (left is left). However thinking about it i know why
> this is. We are scanning rats and mice which are lying prone on the bed
> whereas the scanner by default is expecting the subjects to be lying supine
> on the bed. This means the scanner labels the right side of the rat as the
> left side of the image. We now know how to change the default expectation of
> the scanner from supine to prone but after 3 years of imaging studies
> collected the other way round it would rather confuse things to switch now.
> I think the most straight forwards thing would be if i could set up spm to
> display the images the opposite way round by default (so that the rat left =
> rat left even though this means the image left is the image right). You said
> this would be done by editing one of the .m files. Which .m file and in what
> way?
> Thanks
> Stephen

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