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I have found in the past nine times out of ten, when someone asks for a list of whatever, they don't actually want a list but some info from it, which is invariable easier to find! Eg 'I want a list of all the CEOs in the uk', when they only want to know the CEOs of 5 firms etc etc...just a thought!

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Just thinking out loud, this would  probably have to include Northern Ireland, as the official name of the UK is The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

Sounds like it may be a painful task after all!!



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Hi all, I've just had one of those "could you just..." type request from our hospital photographer. Could he have a list of all the journals published in the UK please.

Please tell me there is a fairly painless way of doing this, otherwise he might not get the answer he is hoping for.

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Beverley Walsh ACLIP
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