I get this error message when I call bugs() from R2WinBUGS.
   "Error in while (.regexpr("\r", info) > 0) { : argument is of length zero"

A simple example is shown below.  The curious thing is that I get no error when I run it with R on Debian Linux (lenny with Wine).  I searched the BUGS archives but found no postings of this error.

It happened after I installed on a new PC (running Windows XP) R-2.10.1, R2WinBUGS, and WinBUGS14 (patched and keys updated).

Any thoughts on why and how to fix it?


---- R code --------
# Example in Albert (2007).  Bayesian Computation with R.  Springer.
# pp. 237-238.  Prior = beta(0.5, 0.5), observe Binom(n, p) distributed
# y=7 successes out of a sample of n=50.  Estimate p.
data <- list("y", "n", "alpha", "beta")
y <- 7; n <- 50; alpha <- .5; beta <- 0.5
inits <- function() { list(p = 0.1) }
param <- c("p")

Albert.bugs <- bugs(data=data, inits=inits, parameters= param, 
    model.file = "C:\\tryR\\WinBUGS\\Albert11.txt", n.chains = 3, n.iter=500)
print(Albert.bugs, digits.summary = 4)

---- WinBUGS code in 'Albert11.txt' ------ 
	y ~ dbin(p, n)
	p ~ dbeta( alpha, beta )

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