Having confidently stated last week that no one uses early medieval for
post-1066 I received a pottery report which reminded me that it is those
damn pot people who tend to refer to early medieval pottery meaning
11th/12th century so I guess your HER has been influenced by this.


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 That's interesting. 'Cos here's where we see that the City HER and the
County HER had similar origins (probably being split in '97). So the
City HER has the same quirk. 
Only in my case I would also like to address the fact that 'Early
Medieval' is a sub-period post 1066, rather than a period in it's own
right; 410-1066 (For those who missed it this is what Richard Buckley
was going on about last week).

>>> Helen Wells <[log in to unmask]> 23/03/2010 11:41 >>>
Hello everyone,

I just noticed that my Bronze Age start date and my Early Bronze Age
start date don't match - the EBA starts in 2350BC but the Bronze Age
starts in 2500BC.  Presumably the EBA is supposed to start in 2500BC?
My data has a weird gap!!

If I change that date (assuming that it's supposed to be 2500BC) then
can I get HBSMR to alter all the dates that were entered as 'Early
Bronze Age' to change to the new 2500BC date instead of 2350BC?


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