Thanks Matt. At first glance that looks great. I particularly like the approach since it doesn't require additional job submission scripts which makes the fsl_sub script pretty transparent (at least to me).

Once again thanks to you all for making your modifications available to us.

Matt: We'll take a proper look and port to our distribution as soon as possible but we only have an SGE setup here so would you be able to do some acceptance testing (or provide us with a guest login?) of what we come up with?

On 13 Mar 2010, at 17:14, Matt Glasser wrote:

Hi Steve (and others who still care about this),


I have attached a fully working version of fsl_sub that includes a case for MOAB/TORQUE (compatible with version 5.3.7.s15113 and higher).  It is currently configured to work with MOAB/TORQUE here at Wash U, but obviously could be reconfigured for another site’s specific settings.  Hope this is helpful to someone. 





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Subject: Torque and fsl_sub


Dear all,


There's been various email threads over recent years about getting Maui/Torque or Moab/Torque merged fully into fsl_sub.   We've had another recent enquiry about this - please could I ask again - has anyone got this fully working?


Many thanks, Steve.


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