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I would like to announce the release of CAST 4.1. Changes from release  
4.0 are a new agricultural experiments e-book and improvements to the  
industrial experiments e-book.

CAST is a free resource for teaching statistics that makes extensive  
use of dynamic diagrams (applets) to teach statistical concepts. It  
has a practical focus and contains:

Three introductory statistics e-books for self-study with about 450  
applets each (biometrics, business and general).
Three advanced e-books about multiple regression & GLMs (265 applets),  
experimental design for agriculture & biology (168 applets) and  
industrial experiments (95 applets).
A set of about 100 introductory exercises whose questions have random  
aspects and that give feedback about mistakes. (The exercises have  
various formats -- not just multiple choice.)

The introductory applets are also provided as a separate collection of  
larger diagrams for use in lectures -- most lecture courses would  
benefit from use of some of these applets.

CAST is freely available under a Creative Commons licence. It can be  
used directly from:
However to reduce load on our server, we would prefer it to be  
downloaded onto a local hard disk or server and run from there. (Click  
the Download tab in the main CAST page for information.)

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