UKI-SCOTGRID-ECDF is appearing as N/A on the gstat 2 page

Just wondering if someone knows what is causing this? 

To check what these test do I downloaded the RPM
as recommended elsewhere here. 

Running it against ECDF exposes what I think is a little bug: 
./gstat-validate-se -H  -p 2170 -b 'Mds-Vo-name=UKI-SCOTGRID-ECDF,o=Grid'
File "./gstat-validate-se", line 319, in test_SA_Path
    my_errors.log(gsutils.get_unique_id(key),'VOInfo.Path', 'GlueSAPath must not be published', gsutils.get_site(key), 'WARNING')
TypeError: log() takes exactly 5 arguments (6 given)
Anyway - easy enough to fix this is in the script and then it runs fine - though finds a lot of 'errors' ! for me to sort through. 
and I guess addressing that warning would also stop this happening. 

Just wondering whether it is a failure of the scripts to run that causes the N/A or something else... 


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