Hi John, indeed a long time.....

Kath and I are well but also beginning to feel our age having just welcomed, 
to the world, our 5th grandchild, James!!

Glad to hear you are well and many thanks for the response, always good to 
hear from you.

The Midget lamp I have, inherited from my mother when she passed away 3 
years ago, is reported to have been given to her in the 1960s by our 
relative  Arthur Clifford. The lamp was originally caked in soot and Arthur 
told my mother it was a lamp which allegedly caused a pit explosion. Mother 
spent years cleaning it to the point it became nice and shiny but I did 
persuade her to stop using Brasso several years ago!

I would like to link it to the alleged inquiry if I can (or at least to 
dispel the family myth!) but, knowing of the character of Arthur, if he said 
it, it must be true!!

I'll keep searching

Take care, and regards to your family

Phil and Kath

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> Hi Phil
> Long Time...
> Trust you are all well. We are still above ground but beginning to feel 
> our
> age.
> Not related to your specific lamp... but the Midget lamps I had dealings
> with here in Australia were  fitted with flint re-lighters.
> The irresponsible use of these devices in a gassy atmosphere was known to
> have been the cause of several ignitions and subsequent explosions.
> Kind Regards
> John
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> Ladies & Gentleman
> I wonder if there is anyone who can help me with a puzzle based on 
> (verbal)
> history passed down through my family?
> I own a Midget miners lamp by E Thomas & Williams which, allegedly, is
> reputed to have been the cause of a (Welsh?) colliery explosion and used 
> as
> evidence at the subsequent inquest/inquiry.  I am assuming that said
> explosion resulted in loss of life otherwise there would not have been an
> inquiry!
> What I need is to know where I could research this claim to either confirm
> or
> disprove it as fact or indeed to know if anyone may have come across 
> records
> of such an incident.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Many thanks.
> Phil Clifford


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