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The findings from the Keeping Research Data Safe 2 (KRDS2) survey of digital preservation cost information are now available on the KRDS2 project webpage.


One of the core aims of the KRDS2 project was to identify potential sources of cost information for preservation of digital research data and to conduct a survey of them. Between September and November 2009 we made an open invitation via email lists and the project blog and project webpage for others to contact us and contribute to the data survey if they had research datasets and associated cost information that they believe may be of interest to the study.

13 survey responses were received: 11 of these were from UK-based collections, and 2 were from mainland Europe. Two further potential contributions from the USA were unfortunately not available in time to be included.

The responses covered a broad area of research including the arts and humanities, social sciences, and physical and biological sciences and research data archives or cultural heritage collections. Each survey response is approximately 6-8 pages in length.

A summary analysis plus individual completed responses to the data survey that provide  more detail, are available on the project website or directly from the links below.

We have also made the revised versions of KRDS2 activity model available to download.

Please feel free to circulate this announcement to other colleagues and lists who you think may have an interest.

KRDS2 Costs Survey Summary Analysis

Summary Analysis of Data Survey Responses

UK Responses

ADS (Archaeology Data Service)

BADC (British Atmospheric Data Service)

eCrystals (National Crystallographic Service, University of Southampton)

EDINA (UK Borders Service, EDINA, University of Edinburgh)

Linnean Soc (Linnean Society Collection, University of London Computer Centre)

NDAD (National Digital Archive of Datasets, University of London Computer Centre)

NLW (Welsh Journals Online, National Library of Wales)

Oxford (University of Oxford)

Rutherford (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Science and Technology Facilities Council), UKDA (UK Data Archive)

VADS (Visual Arts Data Service)

 International Responses

BABS (Bibliothekarisches Archivierungs- und Bereitstellungssystem -The Library Archiving and Access System- Bavarian State Library, Germany)

DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services, The Netherlands)



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