Shall I try? Probably 20,000 poems a day are posted or published. Most are skillful and nothing more. Most take no risks whatsoever. Most want to be liked. Most are crashingly boring. This is one of those.

The problem is, this sort of waste makes it harder to fight through to find the good stuff, the stuff that's cost the poet something to write and that will cost the reader something to read.

How's that?

At 05:46 PM 2/16/2010, you wrote:
>It's adequate. Could I be nastier?
I dunno, Mark. Could you be?

Announcing The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry (University of California Press).

"Not since the 1982 publication of Paul Auster's Random House Book of Twentieth Century French Poetry has a bilingual anthology so effectively broadened the sense of poetic terrain outside the United States and also created a superb collection of foreign poems in English. There is nothing else like it."   John Palattella in The Nation