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 Subject: Qualitative Research in Web 2.0/3.0: The Next Leap!

> ==========
> Tackling issues and opportunities of integrating Web 2.0/3.0 into qualitative
>  **25 & 26 March 2010, Berlin**

The qualitative research landscape has evolved dramatically since the inception
of Web 2.0/3.0. Researchers and practitioners can now perform qualitative
research using online communities (MROCs), focus groups, blogs, ethnographies
as well as on social networking platforms.

The international conference on Qualitative Research in Web 2.0/3.0 (QRWEB2010)
will be held on the 25 & 26 March 2010 in Berlin. This unique and highly
interactive event will bring together top academics and industry practitioners
to discuss and brainstorm the latest online methodologies for qualitative

**Earlly-Bird Registration is now open! (ends on 1 Feb)**
Link to event website:

**Programme highlights include:**
* Evaluating the rules and tools of qualitative research in Web 2.0/3.0
* Designing and and executing successful large-scale online qualitative research
* Developing engaging online market research communities (MROC) for qualitative
* How to implement qualitative research studies using social media tools?
* Understanding when to use online methods over traditional offline methods
* What are the advantages and disadvantages of conducting qualitative research
* Integrating Web 2.0/3.0 into traditional qualitative research: what needs to
be adapted?
* Discussing best practices in moderating online focus groups
* Assessing ethical and practical dangers of research using social media
* Developing participant recruitment strategies: what are the challenges and
* Assessing the validity of online qualitative research: what are the
* Web 2.0 user-generated analysis and its contribution to qualitative research
* Keeping stakeholders engaged: how to keep clients and observers involved in
your online research

With thought leaders and experts in online qualitative research - Ray Poynter
(UK) - Silvana di Gregorio (UK) - Jeff Walkowski (US) - Jim Longo (US) -
Susanne Friese (DE) - Frank-Thomas Naether (DE) - Jerry van Leeuwen (NL) - Ilka
Kuhagen (DE), Guendalina Graffigna (IT) and many more...

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to discuss best practices with your
peers in an informal and (fun) networking environment.

Early Registration is now open! To benefit from the early-bird discount, please
register online **before 1 February** at:

> Proudly organised by Merlien Institute

> _Other related events that may interest you:_

> **Computer-Aided Qualitative Research Asia 2010** (1st Annual)
> Examining the implications of software choices on qualitative research
> 3-4 February 2010, Kuala Lumpur
> **Computer-Aided Qualitative Research Europe 2010** (3rd Annual)
> Meeting the challenges and opportunities of integrating software into
qualitative research
> 7-8 October 2010, Lisbon
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