hi crumb list

just to let you know that in addition to the regular channels of this  
mailing list, the website ( and news feed  
which is on the site, we have also made a page on facebook, and a  
group on flickr. please become a fan/member, and add your photos of  
crumb events. 

as usual, we'll keep this list posted with details about upcoming  
activities... and meantime, here's a handy list to remind you:

Feb 5: Beryl Graham speaking at the V&A Decode symposium, London
Feb 9: Beryl Graham speaking at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago
Feb 12: Beryl Graham speaking on a panel about curating new media art  
at the College Art Association conference in Chicago
March 5: CRUMB and Contemporary Art Society symposium about  
commissioning and collecting variable media at BALTIC, part of AV  
March 5: CRUMB book launches! Rethinking Curating (MIT Press) and two  
volumes from The Green Box, at BALTIC, part of AV Festival
March 9,10: CRUMB and Culturelab Research Seminar: Creative Digital  
Media Research Practice: Production Through Exhibition 2, AHRC  
postgraduate research training, University of Newcastle
March 12: CRUMB's 10th Birthday Party! Newcastle
March 16: CRUMB researcher Axel Lapp in conversation with Simon  
Morrissey at Cornerhouse, Manchester
March 25-27: CRUMB PhD student Adinda van t'Klooster in New York  
showing work at the Electroacoustic music festival

see you soon,