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From: Erik Drigsdahl <[log in to unmask]>

> Well George, being polite is not the same as keeping your mouth shot 
when facing scholarly incompetence.  

i entirely agree.

and would add, George, that these periodic spasms of Excessive ListMommieism,
which have always been Obnoxious and embarrassingly Grotesque, are in danger
of becoming Insufferably Tedious.

> You have saved the list once, 

not to my knowledge.

>now please try to keep the level up, -  otherwise are there a few dozens of
us who will turn elsewhere, as we did ten years ago.

though i was on the list a decade ago, i have no memory of suchlike a
miraculous intervention.

what have you been smoking, Erik?

do you have any left to share?


From: George FERZOCO <[log in to unmask]>

> Dear medieval-religion colleagues,
>  From time to time, many of us believe -- indeed, we KNOW -- that we  
> possess truth, and not just right opinion, about a scholarly matter.
> In such cases, I would ask all of us (me too) to take on, in this one  
> instance, the character of the Italian government.
> Now that the laughter has at least partly subsided, the precise point  
> I want to make is how, in my finite knowledge of the ministries or  
> departments of western governments, all that we see in relation to  
> justice are things called (in their respective languages) various  
> ministries of justice.
> Except in Italy, where for many years the name of the ministry has  
> not been simply the 'Ministry of Justice' but the 'Ministry of  
> Justice and Mercy'.
> I know that we are trained to look for errors in what we read, but I  
> would simply wish to recall to us the aim of tempering the justice of  
> our corrections with the mercy we would hope for when others find our  
> own mistakes. (And don't we all make mistakes, and many of them!)
> With best wishes -- that may be late but that are no less heartfelt  
> -- for a Happy New Year ,
> George

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