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". We should probably be wearing, instead of little
crosses, little hollowed empty caves."
The earliest Christians made that decision for us, I'm afraid. The fish and the cross sans corpus were the earliest symbols of the followers of Jesus and the earliest depiction of Jesus himself (correction if necessary, please) is that of the Good Shepherd. I'm not sure what a hollowed empty cave would look like, scratched or drawn on a wall, other than a zero or the letter O. Fashioning an amulet or pendant of same would have been rather difficult for our forebears. I can't quite turn the cross into a phallic symbol without an impossible stretch of my imagination, especially since it isn't really a symbol but a representation of an historically, empirically verifiable device. Actually, the very use of the cross as a designation of the Christian faith is a potent affirmation of the Resurrection. For without the latter, the former would just be a tree with a crossbeam. And no one would
wear that around his/her neck. Without the Resurrection, we would not glory in the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ as recommended by Saint Paul (another correction if necessary, please).

Marjorie Greene

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