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Please see below for information on the new version of GLO Maker 2.  






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From: Colin Rainey [mailto:[log in to unmask]] 
Sent: 10 December 2009 10:13
To: GLO Maker Updates
Subject: GLO Maker 2.1 released


Dear GLO Maker user

You are receiving this email because you registered to download the GLO
Maker authoring tool, or asked to be kept informed of developments. 

We are pleased to announce an upgrade and new support tools for GLO

GLO Maker 2.1 can be now be downloaded from the website:

The main addition is the ability to add hyperlinks. See the website
Downloads page for a full description of the changes made in GLO Maker

A new GLO Maker Wiki has been launched to support the user community.
This can be linked to from the 'Community' section of the GLO Maker
website, or you can access it directly at:

In the three months since its inception, GLO Maker 2 has been downloaded
in nearly 50 countries. We would welcome postings in the Wiki on how you
are using GLO Maker 2.


Tom Boyle

Leader of the GLO Maker Development Team