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The reviews listed below (particularly that of Miri Rubin's book) may be of interest to readers of this list.
Rosemary Hayes
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Welcome to Reviews in History, featuring reviews of books and electronic resources from across the subject.


Once again a real variety of books are under the microscope this week.


We begin with a fierce debate on pseudohistory, with Douglas Allchin (no. 819) reviewing Ronald Fritze’s Invented Knowledge: False History, Fake Science and Pseudo-religions, and the author responding here.


Next Miri Rubin’s history of Marian beliefs and devotion, Mother of God: A History of the Virgin Mary, is critiqued (no. 820) by Donna Spivey Ellington. Miri’s response can be read here.


A new collection of previously published essays by one of Britain’s leading economic historians, Martin Daunton, is reviewed (no. 821) by Jim Tomlinson, who finds State and Market in Victorian Britain: War, Welfare and Capitalism provides a powerful analysis of the dynamics of the Victorian state.


Another pre-eminent historian covered this week is Glenn Burgess, and you can read a review here (no. 822) by Sarah Mortimer of his latest work, British Political Thought, 1500-1660: The Politics of the Post-Reformation. The author’s response is also available.


Also, make sure to check out Peter Yearwood’s response to Carolyn Kitching’s review of Guarantee of Peace: The League of Nations in British Policy 1914-1925.


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