Many thanks guys for the quick replies. It’s not always the case of course that you have to add two separate reports together, (I remember another mail from Sarah Pearson recently on this topic), so glad I asked. Good to have it verified Barb.


I just realised also that the new platform seems to use the service provider who persist in putting all COUNTER reports in one file JR1; JR1A; JR3  – very annoying .


Mike - I share your frustration. We ditched our Informaworld STM titles last year and just retained the Humanities cluster, plus Healthcare, and the odd title in high demand. I’ve spent hours filtering out what our real subs are (mainly due to the lack of a definitive set of issn for the STM cluster from T&F). That’s before starting the analysis. Sounds though as if you’ve had pretty poor customer service.


I’m thinking of inviting a bunch of publishers along next year at renewal time to help collate the stats!