Hi William

Ever since John Humphrys published his book "A welcome visitor" I have been pulling together articles and papers that utilise the words 'dying well', which maybe why they chose the title.  You might find these two helpful as the first is from the Palliative Care angle and the second a link to the all parliamentary website that is looking at Euthanasia


>>> "Rev. William Ruddle" <[log in to unmask]> 09/11/09 14:35 >>>
I am due to do a presentation to a church group entitled, "How to Grieve 
Well". At the last minute, I have been asked to do an additional session on 
dying well. I have 48hrs notice...

Does anyone have anything suitable they would be happy for me to plagarise 
mercilessly. I have completed my Grieving Well session and would be happy to 
swap intellectual property.

Thanks in anticipation