Hi Tony,

Data analysis software release (3.4, HP-UX and Linux) allows you to 
browse MaxShield raw data files in graph 2.94 without MaxFilter 
processing. Please note that this option is only for browsing the data, 
and you should run it through MaxFilter before starting the analysis.

Best regards, Jukka

Tony W. Wilson wrote:
> Matti and Yury,
> Thanks again for the input.  I believe the 'dummy' MF pass is the way to 
> go.  I cannot open/browse the raw file in ENM or MNE without some pass 
> through MF because we use active shielding (smartshield) for all 
> acquisitions.  Our room is only a 1-layer and our environment is quite 
> noisy.  On a related note, is there any data (or opinions) on the degree 
> to which bad channels affects MF performance (normal or tsss)?  I 
> presume that including only one or two clearly bad channels would affect 
> the accuracy of the MF results at least moderately, but maybe not.
> Tony

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