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On Monday, October 19, 2009, at 3:58 pm, I wrote:

> 5)  Veranus of Cavaillon (d. very late 6th cent.)...

> The originally twelfth-century église Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Véran at 
> Fontaine-de-Vaucluse (Vaucluse),...
> Francesco Petrarca lived at Vaucluse intermittently from 1337 to 1553; 

Er, from 1337 to 1353.  The granting of long life is not a known property of the spring at Vaucluse.

> The porch of the seventeenth-century église Saint-Véran at tiny 
> Saint-Véran (Hautes-Alpes) preserves from its "romanesque" predecessor 
> a pair of stylophore lions:
> Detail:
> ttp://


> V. as depicted the Mary Magdalen retable (ca. 1550) at Contes (Alpes-Maritimes):

That is, V. as depicted _in_ the Mary Magdalen retable...
> 6)  Frideswide (d. 727, supposedly).

F. is of course no. 7) in this array.

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