Dear Keith,

     I am always happy to speak to anyone on the subject of salt -  
prehistoric salt making, although it was F.T.S. Houghton who did the 
searches for the mediaval saltways that lead from Droitwich in 
Worcestershire to
the Sussex coast as I noted in "Salt and the Domesday Salinae at 
Droitwich AD 674-1690".  However, if I can help in any way please don't 
hesitate to email me.


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>Just one  question is Bea, I believe from California, the expert on Salt 
>Ways still on  list as I need to contact re a local issue on salt  ways?
>I too would be interested in this.

Beatrice Hopkinson,
Hon. Secretary Los Angeles Branch, Oxford University Society
Board Member, American Institute of Archaeology
President, Droitwich Brine Springs and Archaeological Trust
Affilliate, Cotsen institute of Archaeology, UCLA
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